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2011 News

Race 6  Riverhead

Another good run for us. We started tenth and with alot of luck we were running second at the halfway point behind Kyle Elwood. It was a good race for the lead and we tried to make  a clean pass a couple of times but Kyle held on. Unfortunately there were a few cautions and the race was finished under yellow due to the time limit giving us another second place finish. Congratulations to Kyle Elwood on the win and a great race. Here is a race recap at MYRACENEWS.COM Video highlights of the race can be seen here at PITSTOPPITBULL.COM

Race 5  Riverhead

Rained out

Race 4  Riverhead

We had a great run. We started on the outside pole and jumped out into the lead. We led the first half of the race having a tough battle with Kevin Nowak. Kevin got under us and made a nice pass. We faught back but just couldnt retake the lead from Kevin and finished second. Congratulations to Kevin Nowak on the win. Heres a good race recap at MYRACENEWS.COM and video highlights of the race from PITSTOPPITBULL.COM

Race 3  Riverhead

Didnt qaulify due to a broken throttle cable.

Race 2  5/14/11 Riverhead

In a great heat race we crossed the line in a pack of five cars side by side and bumper to bumper. We were scored 4th and this had us starting 7th in the feature event. We were having a real good run in the feature making our way up to 4th spot by mid race. A caution came out and we were scored back to the last completed lap which put us restarting 5th. We had a good restart and were confident we could make up another spot or two in the remaining laps when coming off of turn two the motor made a horrible noise and picked up a bad vibration. Mike quickly pulled into the infield to avoid causing any further damage to the motor sacrificing a possible top 5 finish and valuable points. The good news is we had only lost a muffler and we should be back and race ready for race #3.

Congratulations to Chris Young on his win!

Race 1  5/07/11 Riverhead

We had a good opening night with 32 cars trying to make the 24 car feature. There were two heats and only the top 11 cars from each heat would make the feature event with 2 promoter provisional spots to finish the field. We started 4th in the second heat. We had a bad start on the outside line and were freight trained back to the ninth position and stayed there to the finish. This qualified us for the feature but would have us starting 18th. We were having a good run in the feature but about halfway through our old BF goodrich tires started to pick up a push when they heated up. We were able to hold onto the car and bring home a Ninth place finish. The good news is the car is in one piece for next weeks race. 

Congratulations to Kevin Nowak for the feature Win. 



2010 News

The season has started! We had a few bugs to work out of the car after the first two practice days at Riverhead raceway. We have to thank some of our friends for getting us off to an early start, Paul Dodorico helped us out with the installation of our new motor. (Check out Paul's website at ) and Buddy Commerdinger set us up with a set of tires.

Race 1 Riverhead 5/1/10

Since we missed a few shows last season we were forced to start in the rear of the field for the feature. ( There were no heat races this day). We struggled in practice with a push-loose condition. Our friend Chris Busick stopped by the pit to see how we were doing and made a quick suggestion to correct our problem for the feature. Dad was there to say, " well you're no ball of fire out there, we should try it".... and we did. Chris's suggestion was on the money. We started 22 out of a full field of 25 cars and after a few caution plagued laps we found ourselves breaking into the top ten. Unfortunately mid race we made contact with another car. This damaged our front end causing us to fall back as the car would no longer turn. We were able to hold on to it finishing 12th. Looks like some minor damage to our car and we should be ready to race for the next event.

Congratulations to Tom Sherman for winning the event!

Race 2 Riverhead 5/15/10

This race was a late addition to the Riverhead schedule and we were unable to make the event. Congratulations to John Gloor for the feature win!

Race 3 Riverhead 5/29/10

We are still handicapped to the rear of the field and started 22 in the 24 car feature. We are still having handling issues from contact during the first race. Through pure luck we made it from 22 to 13 position in just 4 laps before the race was called on a time limit. Back to the garage to see if we can find our gremlin. Congratulations to Wild Bill Hiscock on the feature win!

Race 4  Riverhead 6/5/10

We replaced our rack and it seemed to clear up most of our handling issues. We were handicapped to start 20 in the 24 car feature and were making some progress. Unfortunately we had contact with another car in turn 2 causing us to spin. We avoided damaging the car ( especially the new rack!!) and brought the car home in one piece finishing 21st.Congratulations to Tom Rogers Jr for the feature win.

Here is a great video of our race taken from the #39 First class video car of Jim Byrne.

Race 5  Started 21 out of 23 cars. We are still fighting a push in the center of the corner but we were able to gain a few positions ( and lose a few positions) finishing 14th overall. Still some great racing was had with only one caution during the event. Back to the garage to find the reason for the push.  Congratulations to "The Natural" Timmy Solomito for the feature win!

Race 6 Rained out

 Race 7   Riverhead 7/24/10

Good friends and good luck = good finish. After working on the car for many hours prior to this event we found we were still struggling with our handling issues. Three rounds of practice later making more adjustments didnt improve our car much. The Strumpf racing team saw our frustration with the car and offered us a set of tires to run for the feature. We gratefully accepted the offer and started the 24 car feature up front in 4th. We survived heavy contact from another car climbing over our left rear tire on lap one. luckily the car didnt suffer too much damage and handled awsome. We were able to take home a second place finish! Congratulations to Tom Sherman on his second feature win of the season!

Check out the race video below from

Race 8 Riverhead 8/14/10

With our handling troubles behind us we had another good finish. We started 6th in the 24 car feature. We quickly made it up to second and put some pressure on the leader. We were finally able to squeek past the leader after a good clean battle for position. Unfortunately a caution came out before we could complete the lap. Track rules set the field back to the last complete lap putting us back in second. There were several attempts to restart the race but due to too many cautions the race was called on time 8 laps short. Congratulations to Anthony Caccioppo on the win!

See the race recap and results from LEGENSCENE.COM below

See great video highlights of the race from PITSTOPPITBULL.COM below

Another video of the race we found on MYRACENEWS.COM below and check their main page for another race report!

Next race Riverhead 9/11/10!




2009 news

Bethel 9/26/09

 Great race recap can be seen here

Nice in car camera view of feature taken from Justin Strumpf's car.


2009 Riverhead season ends

The last race for the Riverhead legends was to be held on Sept. 12. This was going to be a special event for the division with time trials and an increased purse. Unfortunately the event was rained out. Congratulations to Tony Naglieri and the eveready motorsports race team on winning the championship!

Video added on photo page of our crash at Bethel

Bethel 7/25/09

We took a trip up to Bethel this weekend for our first visit to the track this season. We had some great side by side racing all night long. For our heat race we started on the pole and had a side by side battle for the lead with several competitors right up to the last lap when we got a good run off of turn four and just crossed the finish line first by a few feet. It was a great race.

For the feature we started on the outside pole and it was a repeat of the heat race with some intense side by side racing for the lead. We swapped places with the leader several times. We finally got a good run off the corner again and took the lead when Mike blaskey made a nice inside pass on us. We were right on Blaskeys bumper trying to get the lead spot back when Blaskey spun in turn 2. We were unable to avoid the spinning car and hopped his rear wheel sending us on our roof and ending our night. We hated coming home with a broken car but we were treated to some good clean racing while we were there. 

A great race recap can be found here on

We are hoping to have the car fixed and return for the Legendstock event on August 15th


We made it to the track! 26 cars were on hand to try and qaulify for the 24 car 20 lap feature. Since we missed the first race of the season we were handycapped to start in the rear of the field. We started 11th in our heat race and finished 7th, that was good enough to get us into the feature. In the feature we started 16th in the 24 car field. This turned out to be a great race for us. We had a real tough battle going on with Paul Dodorico and Greg Decanio. For most of the race the three of us were battling side by side always two wide and none of us letting up as we passed each other several times. As hard and as close as we were driving the three of us never touched, always showing each other respect on every lap. We finally got a good run off the corner on the outside of Paul to complete the pass and ended up 7th overall when the race was over.

Congratulations to Kevin Nowak on his feature win and congratulations to the whole division for putting on a great show.


The Shakedown

We made it to the track this past weekend to practice at Riverhead. We had the car set up and geared for Bethel just in case we could make the show. Unfortunately our pit crew was a little cranky. So plan "B" was to shoot to Riverhead and get the car inspected and turn a few laps to make sure everything is in working order. The car ran great and even with out the proper gears we turned some competetive laps. We left the track early as to not torture the team babysitter for too long. We are hoping we can make opening day for the Legends on May 3rd. It should be a great race! 


Malone racing would like to thank all their friends and family for the help and support they recieved throughout the season to keep them on the track!!. 


Malone racing is currently seeking sponsorship for a succesful 2011 season.

Have some fun and get great advertising on and off the track with this fan friendly, well known race team.  Contact Mike at to see what we can do for you and come enjoy the 2011 season with us! a href=""> a href="">

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